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With its rich history, Berlin was born several times, and the last one after the end of Cold War. You could spend weeks there, trying to get a glimpse at all the jewels scattered throughout this ever-changing city, pearls of its past, architecture, wellbeing and fun...But - if you're on a short haul of time - we selected some just for you. The best advice is to start from Potsdamer Platz. Once one of the busiest squares of Europe, Potsdamer Square was heavily destroyed during 2WW and - during Cold War - became a forgotten place, divided and scarred by the Berlin wall. Today, it has regained the splendour it once had, being considered the center of the city. The Sony Center with its peculiar structure, can be noticed from the square, and it surely is worth a visit, with its several shops, restaurants, coffees and movie theatres.

Art plays an important role in Berlin, and the House of World Cultures (a.k.a. Das Haus der Kulturen der Welt) is a leading center, worldwide known, for contemporary art. As its name implies, it presents works by artists from every corner of the planet, be they artworks, music and theatre pieces, movies or literature. And culture will remind you that it should not be destroyed in Bebel Square, where you will have the chance to look into a glass cellar, a memorial to the pyres of books that were burnt by the National Socialists. Once there, do not forget to walk into the St. Hedwig Cathedral, an impressive religious construction of the 18th century, decided by the King of Prussia, Frederick the Great. Two other religious buildings are for sure a must see. One is the protestant church of Marienkirche, whose construction began in 1270 and was completed some centuries later, and the other one is - to tell the truth - ...two churches in one.

The Kaiser Wilhelm Gedächtnis Church is one of the most impressive examples of destruction and hope. Its old Church was badly damaged during the bombings of 2WW and never built again. Beside, the new construction of the Kaiser Wilhelm Gedächtnis Church was erected, in a contrast of styles and states: one is new and could easily be misunderstood for a skyscraper; the other one is has been left in ruins. More than sixty theatre halls can be found in Berlin, spicing up the Berliner evenings. Among the most famous of them, there is for sure the Staatsoper, the Deutsche Oper and the Komische Oper (where every masterpiece in German language is played). But theatres and music are ART in this city, considering that Abbado, Barenboim and Nagano, to name just a few, transform the evenings into unforgettable events.

Several castles are scattered in and around Berlin: the Sanssouci Castle was the enchanting residence of Frederick the Great, and was erected between 1745 and 1747. Charlottenburg Castle was - on the other hand - built a century before, and the royal family kept developing it during the years and it was used as summer residence by the Princess Sophie Charlotte. Some interiors, such as the Marble Gallery and the Golden Gallery are breathtaking. Berlin has a lot to offer. If you are thinking about some shopping, you will not be disappointed: from the KaDeWe to the Galeries La Fayette; from the most famous brands in Wittenbergplatz to the flea market in Straße des 17. Juni, Berlin will be able to satisfy all your tastes. And after a frenzy afternoon in and out of malls and boutiques, do not forget to try the Buletten with a tasty Berliner Weisse in the several breweries or in the Hackesche Höfen. The night has just begun, and Berlin is a never sleeping city.

To tell the truth, Berlin is more than a city. Berlin is an wonder.

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